Wireless Charging pad for new generation Phones that are Wireless Compatible. 


Designed to be used within Tydden charging station.

Place the wireless charger pad in the last slot of the charging station that is slightly wider than the others, connect one end USB cable to the charger located inside the charging station and the other end  to the micro USB slot of the Wireless charger pad, later place the phone to charge resting on the wireless charger pad.

The wireless pad is produced with quality certified Qi standard technologies it also Wireless Charging pad for new generation Phones are Wireless Compatible. 

Include is a Micro cable.

IMPORTANT : This Wireless Pad will only work if operated with a wireless capable Phone.


·       Input voltage: 5V/1,5A

·       Output : 5V 1 A 5W

·       Launch distance: 5 to 6 MM.

·       Qi Standard

·       Safety Certifications - FCC / CE / RCM

·       x1 Micro Cable