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Maral Collection

The Maral collection by Tydden is inspired by the Mediterranean in its calm and peacefull sea with its golden and silver reflections  and in the terrestrial pigments. A chromatic selection of nature that combines with simple, placid and voluminous geometric lines that bring us happiness and hope for a better future.

The collection interprets the potential of metal as a flexible material that offers us a new vision of the residential landscape, the skillful, even meticulous work of the metal is translated into original expressions of furniture that reveal its noble and deep soul pointing directly to the substance itself, a material in its infinite variations.

Gif Colección Maral EN

Ranging from exclusive materials, such as brass, reflected water effect polished stainless steel, oxidized and blued carbon steel, modulating quality surfaces and handcrafted manufactures in continuous exploration of the various dimensions of the design, taking advantage of oxidation and brushing techniques, reflected until achieving simplified, voluminous shapes with simple and harmonious geometric lines to achieve a truly unique charm. The functionality and timeless beauty of the furniture makes it art.