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Tydden looks to the future with boldness, passion, curiosity and an open attitude in the development of its products in such a way that they have an innovative, functional, original, unique, welcoming and personal spirit, dialoguing according to a code of design excellence, formal sensitivity, solidity and cultural prestige.


To explore new territories in design, Tydden has made metal its language, a noble and elegant material that makes it the cardinal point of production processes, linking it to creativity and craftsmanship. This mixture allows the brand to create unique and completely original products in which iron, brass and stainless steel, in their infinite variations and finishes, lead to the center of a totally renewed stage, finally allowing them to shine with their own style.

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Tydden's furniture solutions are like tailored suits: the client can modify, reinvent, change materials, finishes, colors and sizes to achieve exactly what they expect and what best suits their interior style. Flexibility is a constant of the company collaborating with interior designers helping them create the ideal space adapting to their needs both in size and finishes.