Teba Oxidized Style

TV Table

The color variations emphasize the expressiveness of the materials, with the voluminous shape of the lid and the lightness of the lower metal tray enhance the sensory nature of the item.


Table top: Oxidazed carbon steel

Handcrafted finish created by Tydden for interior use that consists of several manual phases: carbon steel  oxidation and application of transparent  varnish in the oven. Oxidation after oxidation creates a pictorial effect that resembles the erosion of the material by water and salt, each piece is unique thanks to a handcrafted finish that transforms the metallic surface into a delicate watercolor

Table Legs and upper square: Patinated Brass

Handcrafted finish created by Tydden for interior use that consists of several manual phases: oxidation of the brass, hand-brushed with Scotch-Brite and application of a transparent glaze coating in the oven.

Finishing and care details:

The product is susceptible to variations in color and homogeneity motivated by its handmade finish and manual processing of the furniture, so it may present differences with respect to the photographs in the catalog and between each unit, so they should not be considered manufacturing defects but a characteristic of its aging process.


For cleaning and maintenance, use only a cotton cloth moistened with water and then dry the surface thoroughly. Do not use abrasive cloths, solvents, alcohol or strong detergents.

Dimensions 1800 mm width x 450 mm depth x 500 mm height

Possibility of adapting measures to customer needs

Delivery time 3 weeks

Tydden has made an effort to show the colors of the products as close to reality as possible. However, the color of the products that appear on the screen may be subject to variations depending on the quality of the computer monitor. In this sense, Tydden cannot guarantee that the colors that appear on your monitor will be true to life